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    How You Can Benefit From Professional Cleaning Services

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Your home is where you retreat after a long day or trip away, so make sure you have a clean place to enjoy by using the tips from the following links:

    • Don’t let hard water stains plague your bathroom and kitchen. Check out this article to find tips on how to get rid of them.
    • Does your home’s dust contain harmless dirt or is it hiding contaminants that could be harmful to your family and pets? Find out by reviewing this article from
    • Now that spring is here, it’s time to begin spring cleaning. Visit to find tips on maintaining your home’s surfaces after a professional cleaning.
    • If it seems you never have enough time to clean, you could benefit from reading this article. You’ll find helpful tips on how to clean as you go so that you never spend more than a few minutes maintaining a clean and fresh home.
    • One of the easiest ways to get a cleaner home is to declutter your living space. For tips on how to get organized and trim the excess in your home, check out

    If you need help maintaining a sparkling clean home, contact Best Local Window Cleaning. We specialize in interior and exterior cleaning for both residential and commercial properties. We offer gutter cleaning, window treatment cleaning, screen cleaning, graffiti removal, wood and glass restoration, and more. Learn more about us by visiting our website or calling (212) 380-3343.


    Keep Your Dining Room Classy and Hygienic with a Professional Chandelier Cleaning Service

    Last updated 5 years ago


    If the light fixtures in your dining room are dusty, you could be putting your family’s health at risk—plus, your home won’t look its best when company arrives. To get your home in top shape and to protect your family from harmful allergens, hire a professional chandelier cleaning service and enjoy the following benefits:

    • Keep Dust Out of Food: As your chandelier hangs over your dining table, it collects dust and allergens. These contaminants could easily fall during dinner, soiling your meal. To prevent such a disaster, have your chandelier professionally cleaned regularly. In between cleanings, move the table and use a duster or vacuum cleaner to remove small particles of dust and dirt. 


    • Avoid the Safety Hazard and Hassle of Cleaning: To properly and thoroughly clean your chandelier, you may need a tall ladder and harsh chemical solvents that can effectively clean stubborn spots and dust off of crystal, silver, and glass components. While on the ladder, you’ll be at risk for falling, and when using harsh chemical cleaners, you may burn your hands or stain your clothes. Fortunately, you can avoid all of this hassle by hiring a professional to effectively clean your chandelier. 
    • Maintain a Sense of Modern Elegance: A dusty and tarnished chandelier can make a formal dining room appear antiquated and unclean. By hiring a professional chandelier cleaning service, you can easily maintain a sense of modern elegance. Your chandelier will glisten and shine, drawing everyone’s attention upward when they enter your home.
    • Be Prepared for Spontaneous Guests: Everyone knows someone who likes to drop by unannounced, but by maintaining a professionally cleaned chandelier, you’ll always keep your home presentable for spontaneous guests.  

    When your chandelier is in need of thorough cleaning, call Best Local Window Cleaning at (212) 380-3343. In addition to comprehensive indoor and outdoor window cleaning, we offer reliable light fixture cleaning, hard water removal, commercial cleaning, and more. 

    3 Steps to Take Before Your Professional Window Washer Arrives

    Last updated 5 years ago


    Winter can be hard on homes, so why not have your windows, drapes, and gutters cleaned to welcome the new season? Below, you’ll find a list of steps to take before you hire a professional window cleaner to restore the look of your home:

    • Choose Your Windows: The first step you’ll need to take before your window washer arrives is determining which windows you want professionally cleaned. Most window washing companies will clean a variety of window types, even storm windows and windows with screens. Plus, a quality company will offer other services such as gutter cleaning, window treatment washing, hard water stain removal, and ceiling fan and chandelier cleaning. Consider all of the ways your professional window washer can help you and determine which types of service you would like to get your home sparkling clean.



    • Get a Quote: Next, contact your local window washer and ask for a price quote. The cost will vary depending on the type of windows you have and the various other services you choose. During your conversation, ask about regular maintenance cleaning and find out what you can expect to pay for monthly, quarterly, and semi-annual window cleaning services that will keep your house looking bright.
    • Clear a Path: On the day of your professional window washing appointment, make sure you clear a path for the cleaners. For outer window cleaning, move toys, lawn equipment and furniture, hoses, and other items that might prevent your washer from easily accessing your windows. If you’ve requested that your interior windows and blinds or drapes be cleaned, remove nearby furniture, rugs, and anything resting on your windowsill. 

    If you’re in the market for a reputable window washer, contact Best Local Window Cleaning. We provide residential and commercial window cleaning, wood and glass restoration, graffiti removal, exterior house cleaning, and much more. Visit our website to find a complete list of services or call us at (212) 380-3343 to ask about pricing. 

    Simplify your To-Do List and Customize your Home's Maintenance Schedule with this Helpful App for Your Android

    Last updated 5 years ago


    Maintaining a home or investment property can be cumbersome and time-consuming. Luckily, the HomeSmart app can keep track of routine maintenance tasks, helping you simplify your to-do list.

    Simply input your home’s information into the app and enjoy a customized home maintenance schedule. The app also provides recommended preventative strategies to minimize the need for repairs, and offers seasonal advice so you no longer have to worry about forgetting an important task. 


    Image Source: Google Play 

    If you’re tired of washing windows, cleaning out gutters, maintaining walkways, repairing air conditioning units, and removing hard water stains from the shower, call Best Local Window Cleaning at (212) 380-3343. 

    Eight Clever Tips for Keeping Your Windows Clean and More!

    Last updated 5 years ago


    A dirty and disorganized home or workplace can make for a disheveled and unpleasant life, so look through the following resources to find the cleaning tips and support you need:

    Get the help you need keeping your home or office clean by calling Best Local Window Cleaning at (212) 380-3343.

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